Point of Sale, inventory, staff, product, customers, locations, and promotions.
One system on any platform. No designers or developers required.

Everything Your Business Needs

Point of Sale

BrickClick's POS uses industry best practices, making it intuitive and adaptable to a wide variety of applications. The system works seamlessly with your e-commerce user experience and is mobile-ready to meet your unique needs.


One platform for all your unified inventory needs. BrickClick allows you to manage your inventory from all channels in true real-time. No matter where your product is sold, your inventory will remain accurate and up to date.

Customers and Retention

Manage your customers and have access to customer profile information on the go. Our easy-to-use system provides customer insights on purchase history, preferences, trends, and predictive analytics.

Product Management

BrickClick allows you to manage product data and details in real-time--no refreshing necessary. It even keeps track of changes and the history of the product.

Staff and Locations

Manage all of your staff and locations in one centralized place, in true real-time. Enhance your system with BrickClick's staff and/or location scheduling add-on modules.

And Much More

With no integration necessary, you can easily enhance your omnichannel and operational capacity by turning off or on BrickClick's pre-integrated add-ons, such as Loyalty, Staff Scheduling, enhanced CRM and Marketing

Give Your Customers Added Flexibility to Shop. Anywhere, Anytime.

Our unique BrickClickID feature allows your customers to store as many payment and shipping options as they like in one place. With a BrickClickID, customers can shop at any store, keep track of their purchases, set preferences, skip the line, and buy with express checkout.

Increase your revenue and profitability with BrickClick's feature set.

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Stop Paying For Several Software and Features You Don't Need.

Reduce costs, decrease training times, grow and scale your business with BrickClick. Simply turn on and off features depending on your unique needs and timeline. All the capability of the enterprise made accessible, and in the cloud.

Become part of the future of retail.